Saturday, November 3, 2007

Decked Out. Firehouse Gallery. Burlington, VT.

Andy Jenkins.

Andrei Molodkin.

Noah Butkus.

Burton UNinc Collabo Series.

Christin Denight.

Scott Herskovitz.

Lance Voilette.

Geoff Mcfetridge.

Cody Hudson.

Scott Lenhardt.

Michael Montanaro.

Doug Clark.

Marin Horikawa.

Art, Commerce & Snowboarding.

Burton Warhol Series Boards.

Matt W. Moore.

We dont usually get too many 1000+ visitor gallery openings up here in Burlington, VT. Last night was wild! This show is really something to see, all of the original artwork is incredible. Seeing it coupled with the board it was used on is really neat. Having The Warhol Foundation onboard is just crazy!

Burton Snowboards. Decked Out Art Show.

Perhaps more than any other consumer product, snowboards have challenged the distinctions that have traditionally separated fine art from mass-produced functional objects. When Burton Snowboards, in partnership with Jager Di Paola Kemp Design began to feature work by fine artists on snowboard surfaces in the early 1990s, they assumed the legacy of Andy Warhol who merged popular culture with avant-garde art, and adopted commercial mass-production techniques in his studio “The Factory”.
This exhibition juxtaposes the original work of eight artists with snowboards that feature their designs as well as Burton Snowboard’s newest products with artwork by Andy Warhol. By using the silkscreen technique, we begin to explore the art-historical precedent for this eroding distinction between commercial and fine art.
Decked Out is curated by Katie Attanasio and Christopher Thompson. This exhibition is generously underwritten by Laurent & Cathy Potdevin with additional support from Burton Snowboards.

Art and design by: Cristin Denight, Marin Horikawa, Michael Montanaro, Lance Violette, Andrei Molodkin, Cody Hudson, Scott Herskovitz, Noah Butkus, Scott Lenhardt, Geoff McFetridge, Andy Jenkins, Thomas Campbell, Doug Clark, Matt Moore.